This is just an auxiliary text dedicated to liver functional anatomy. Anatomic orientation in liver parenchyma has a big importance for sonography. Liver segments are used for specific localisation of various pathologies in liver and for surgical liver resections. Liver is divided into eight segments I-VIII.


The segments are divided by hepatic veins and branches of portal vein. Segment I is anatomically lobus caudatus, which is located on the backside of the liver to the left from IVC.


Right Hepatic Vein - It "divides" the right lobe into anteromedial part (Segments V, VIII) and posterolateral part (VI, VII).


Middle Hepatic Vein - It is border between Segment IV (part of left lobe) and Segments VI, VII (part of right lobe)


Left Hepatic Vein - It divides the left lobe into segment IV on one side and Segments II, III on the other side.


Left Branch of Portal Vein - It divides the upper part of the left lobe (Segment II) from the lower part (Segment III).


Right Branch of Portal Vein - It divides 2 upper segments (VII, VIII) from 2 lower segments (V, VI).


Liver segments - sonography

Here we can see a very illustrative picture of hepatic segments and main veins as mentioned above. Segment I is not seen, it would be located behind the IVth Segment anatomically on the left from the IVC (from our point of view on the right) (Source)



Liver segments - sonography

Transverse cut through the upper and middle part of the liver. RHV - Right Hepatic Vein,

MHV - Middle Hepatic Vein, LHV - Left Hepatic Vein, IVC - Inferior Vena Cava, RPV -

Right Portal Vein (branch), LPV - Left Portal Vein (branch). Liver segments are marked

by Arabic numbers. The slashes mean borders between segments. (Source)



Liver segments - sonography 

Analogy of previous picture. Transverse cuts in lower middle

and lower part of the liver tissue. (Source)



Liver segments - sonography

In this picture we can see marked segments in praxis. It is a slightly narrow

transverse cut in the upper part of the liver where hepatic veins flow into IVC.

Visible segments are marked by Roman numbers. 


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